Helping cyclists find their stolen bikes with the power of Google Vision Product Search api.

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Had your bike stolen in the UK? Sick of trawling through endless listings looking for it? isthatmybike is a lockdown project that searches for your bike using a simple photo, and some smarts from google cloud.

isthatmybike was born out of frustration at the number of bikes being stolen in London during the pandemic, and the disheartening task of trawling resale websites using keywords that sellers may never use.

The aim of isthatmybike is to help people find their bikes using photos instead of keywords. The technology uses a provided photo to search for bikes on eBay, Gumtree and Shpock that are a similar colour, make and model.

This will hopefully save you time and means you can avoid relying on vague listing information. It removes the need to save multiple keyword searches and scan through pages of bikes that may look nothing like your one.

To get started, check out some helpful tips in our guide

If isthatmybike is successful for you then we'd love to hear about it at This site is all about helping people so don't hesitate to share any handy tips or feedback.

Good luck finding your bike!